Metal tape for hanging photos

Today we would like to show you how excellent our metal tape is for hanging photos.
Our customer created a colorful picture wall in your home.

Metal tape for hanging photos

The customer used the following products:

Individual design with washi tape

Washi tape

It was implemented as follows:

  • In advance, she decorated the metal tape with washi tape
  • Then she stuck this on at the desired location
  • She placed the magnetic tape and cube magnets on the back of the photos so that the photos were invisibly attached to the metal band

Metal band: Versatile

  • Before attaching, the metal band can be cut to the desired length using conventional household scissors.
  • You have the option of transforming non-metallic surfaces into magnetic surfaces in no time at all.
  • The back of the metal band is equipped with a self-adhesive upholstery foam.
  • In order to be able to stick the metal tape on, the protective film must be peeled off.
  • Below you can attach any pictures or postcards to it with magnets.

Metal tape for hanging photos

Invisible takkis

Invisible cube magnets

The photos can be exchanged at any time thanks to the magnets. Unlike pin boards or sticking with adhesive strips, the photos are not damaged by using the magnetic products.