Magnetically attached window cover

Today’s post shows how you can effectively attach a magnetically attached window cover and thus create an efficient light protection.

Darkening skylights is always a difficult task. They usually have different sizes and also unusual shapes.
Unfortunately, our customer has this problem in his bedroom.

Unfavorable light protection on the roof window

Our bedroom windows face east. The roof windows have a somewhat unusual shape. External blinds are therefore not functional at this point.
The interior blinds of the previous occupants let in too much light. Especially in the summer time, it was way too early too bright. In the picture the Velcro straps are still visible on the frame, in addition to the roller blind we had also attached a curtain with Velcro straps. This roller blind was screwed to the frame in an extremely amateurish way.

Former state

Attachment of the roller blind

Work steps on the window frame


Holes in frame

Countersunk holes in window frames

Magnets glued into the frame

Processing The MDF Board

  • Drill countersunk holes in the MDF board
  • Glue magnets into the MDF board


Countersunk holes in MDF board

Magnets glued in MDF board

Our window was thick enough to allow the magnets to be countersunk. Check the strength of the windows.
We use a 5 mm thick MDF board .
The glued-in magnets are 3 mm thick. That fits wonderfully!

Magnetically attached window cover

Detailed view of magnets glued in the frame

Magnetically attached cover

Our most important tip:
Measure, measure and measure again: The position of the magnets on the window and cover must match in order to achieve perfect adhesion!