Board game magnetically fixed

The customer took our products to hand so that his board game „Siedler“ could be magnetically fixed.
Board games are always popular pastimes, whether young or old, everyone loves them!

The Siedler

This project was implemented with the following magnet:

The aim was to be able to flexibly expand the Siedler board game and also to fix it with magnets.

"Siedler" board game magnetically fixed


I determined the arrangement of the polarity of the individual magnets using an optimization program. Thus, they are the same in every arrangement.
The magnets are sunk into the 5 mm thick material through a hole.

The magnets are not visible and do not interfere with the move. They serve the desired purpose. They fix the board game magnetically and offer the necessary flexibility to expand it at will. The remaining magnets were used by the customer for other little things.

Unequipped game board

Rear view

A small galvanized bar magnet. This magnet has a zinc coating on top of the „normal“ Ni-Cu-Ni coating. The surface is not glossy but matt.
It can be used at a maximum temperature of 80 ° C.

We are very happy about the success of the magnet application and would like to share this with you.

Thank you to our customer.