Fixation of a magnetic cover for extractor hoods

In today’s magnet application, we will show you how to fix a magnetic cover for extractor hoods, which was implemented with the help of our products.
This application makes it easier to reach and replace the extractor hood’s filter.

Fixation of a magnetic cover for extractor hoods

Opened chimney flue

Fixation of a magnetic cover for extractor hoods

In most cases, the covers are screwed to the panel and often make it difficult to open the cover and replace the filter. The annoying unscrewing and screwing of this panel makes the work even more difficult.
This becomes a breeze in no time thanks to this magnetic remedy. The upper part of the chimney is not screwed, but is held by blockmagnets 25.0 x 8.0 x 3.0 mm N40 nickel – holds 3.2 kg.
By pulling down the chimney screen, the cover opens. The filter can now be replaced or cleaned. In order to close the chimney half again firmly, the cover is pushed up again.

Easy replacement of the extractor hood’s filter


Filter body

This self-made fixation is a relief and helps when replacing and cleaning the filter.

There are several types of hoods – filters;

  • In the past, disposable fleece mats were often used as grease filters. Today these are mostly made of metal. Which can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Odor filters usually contain an activated carbon filter. The filters require regular cleaning or replacement.