Flexible labeling of the berths for the rowing boats

Our customers were looking for a solution for flexible berth labeling of the rowing boats on the trusses, which they could successfully implement with the help of our products.

Row boats


Boats on trusses

Our home is a boathouse at the end of the Cologne-Mülheimer Promenade. Our space for changing rooms, club room, kitchen and boats is limited and cannot be expanded.
The well-maintained boat park in the hall has already been expanded by a C-1 this year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the club.
We faced the challenge of optimization.

We expect another E-4x for the summer.
The increase means that the boats have to be relocated and move closer together. These are stored on trusses and are made of steel.
We developed the idea of using their magnetic properties.

Flexible labeling of the berths for the rowing boats

Used material

  • We ordered a magnetic tape marking tape – width 30 mm from your online magnet shop.
    We took the choice of color and height from the trusses. (black, 30 mm)
  • To determine the length, we counted the required name badges and multiplied them by the average name length of 25 cm.
    With a bit of reserve, we ended up with a need of 2 m.
  • In the next step, we organized the self-adhesive boat names in white, matching the lettering on the boats, with a letter height of 25 mm.
  • A cut-resistant base, a craft knife and, if necessary, a set square are sufficient tools for the implementation.

Material and tools


Labeling and cutting

  • In the next step, the adhesive side of the lettering is exposed.
  • Align the lettering well on the magnetic tape and press it down firmly over the entire surface.
    Tip: The beveled edge surface of the back of a set square is particularly suitable for fixing.
  • Now the magnetic tape can be cut to match the lettering with the cutter knife.
    Tip: The set square helps with a clean cut at a 90 ° angle (or any other desired angle) to the belt edge.
  • It is then easy to remove the protective paper over the lettering.
    Tip: The protective film can be removed after the boat has been transported to prevent the lettering from being scratched.

Lying place labeling of the rowing boats

Flexible labeling of the berths for the rowing boats

  • The old painted or glued lettering has been removed
  • The truss heads were then newly primed and painted
  • Now every sign finds its suitable place in the storage area of the boat.

It is a pleasure to see our beautiful boats together with matching and uniform lettering.