Magnetic closures for DIY photo albums

Todays topic is Magnetic closures for DIY photo albums. Mini magnetic closures for pages and interactive elements in self-made photo albums.

Magnetic closures for DIY photo albums

The flat and self-adhesive disc magnets with a diameter of 10.0 mm x 1.0 mm are ideal as magnetic closures in handmade photo albums. Thanks to the strong self-adhesive back, the magnets are super easy to place in an album. They fix in place without the use of other materials or tools. They are very flat and can be pasted over with paper without any problems. Now they are invisible.
The adhesive force is not lost by sticking it over.

You can see a demonstration of how I use the self-adhesive magnets for my self-made photo album in my video.

A creative DIY project that can be created easily and quickly. There were no limits to creativity here.
The magnetic closure offers an extremely high level of convenience. The closure practically closes by itself due to the magnetic force. At the same time, it can become the eye-catcher of your project.


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