Magnetic spice rack for mobile home

Our customer needs a storage option for her spice jars and quickly created a magnetic spice rack for mobile home.

Magnetic spice rack for mobile home

By organizing and presenting the arranged spice jars, it is no longer necessary to search for the desired spice for a long time. Everything is neat and manageable. Nothing stands around on the work surface anymore.
Always at hand.
The small metal jars are hermetically sealed. They keep all spices and herbs fresh for a long time. A viewing window gives you a quick view of the fill level and content.
These metal jars are timeless in their design.
Our customer has the right jar for every spice.
The metal cans from the water filter were also used here. Upcycling and creativity in one.

Magnetic spice rack for motorhome

A magnetic sheet was used. That’s the nice thing about the new spice rack: It goes really fast.
Magnetic foil can have many uses; as a car magnet sign or for product labeling on shelves or metal cabinets. These are also used for photos, displays, planning and organization.
Only a ferrous surface is required as the adhesive surface.
The film can easily be cut to the required length or shape with scissors.



Many thanks to our customer for submitting her magnetic idea.
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