Magnetic window blackout

A magnetic window blackout for tilted windows is presented today.
The tilted window cannot be darkened with the roller blind. Tilting the window creates an undesirable incidence of light.

Problem: The tilted window cannot be darkened

a tilted window cannot be darkened

The following were used:

  • Metal plate 45 x 13 mm galvanized and self-adhesive
    Elongated metal plate with self-adhesive back.
    The galvanized metal plate has small recessed circles on the front. A foam adhesive is applied to the back with which the „magnetic wall“ can be glued quickly and firmly.
    The cover paper can be easily removed through the protruding flap.
  • NEODYM power magnetic tape 1000 x 1.5 mm – self-adhesive
    Our neodymium magnetic tape achieves a much higher adhesive force than normal magnetic tape.
    The band has the following advantages; it’s elastic and flexible. It can be cut with a craft knife or sturdy scissors.

The solution: magnetic window blackout

  • Glue one metal plate on the left and one metal plate on the right to the lower area of the window frame
  • Cut the neodymium magnetic tape with a pair of scissors or a craft knife
    Dimensions should match the size of the metal plates
  • Remove the slide-in weight from the roller blind and stick with neodymium magnetic tape strips
  • Push the slide-in weight back into the blind
  • Open the window and let the roller blind adhere magnetically onto the metal plates

Metal plate on the window frame

Neodymium magnetic tape on slide-in weight

Detail view

Slide-in weight in roller blind pocket

Magnetic window blackout