Photo wall made of antique wooden board

Today we received a unique magnet application, a photo wall made of antique wooden boards.
A very special attic find; a 100-year-old plank with a considerable length of almost 5 meters.
Our customers quickly came up with the idea of building a magnetic wall for pictures out of it.

Loft find

100 year old plank

Photo wall made of antique wooden board

Processing the screed:

The grinding work lasted several evenings. We took up the challenge of creating grooves on the back. After several attempts it turned out that the grooves had to go about 3 – 4 mm in front of the surface. Then we used sheet metal strips & fixed them with a wooden strip.

Grinding work

Grooves and sheet metal strips

The plank was securely attached to the wall.
For test purposes I ordered cubemagnets in different sizes. All cube magnets are magnetized by the height (axially). Due to the 3 identical sides (length, width, height), the side with the magnetic poles can only be determined with another magnet, a compass or a pole finder. When the cube magnets are brought together, they always align with the poles to each other.
The handy and classic shape makes the neodymium cube magnets a universal magnetic everyday helper.

We decided on cubemagnet 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.0 mm N42 nickel – holds 7 kg and attached our pictures with it.

mounted screed

Photo wall made of antique wooden board

Now I have to order 100 magnets so that the board is full :-).

Make new out of old was the motto for this application. Craftsmanship and creativity were used here. An original and unique one-of-a-kind!
Thank you for sending it to us!