Trip Map – self-made pinboard world map without pins

Once again we received a really original magnet application from a self-made pin board; Trip Map – self-made pinboard world map without pins.

Trip Map

After our order from you in February, we became aware of your inspiring blog. We would like to supplement existing ideas with ours. We use neodymium magnets to mark our past travel destinations.

It started with a scratch map that was given to us. The world maps for scratching, also called scratch maps, are world maps with a coating that can be rubbed off. (Similar to scratch cards)
We didn’t want to present our scratch map as a poster. The scratched targets are marked in color. In our opinion, it clearly devalues the map.
It was a shame for us to pierce the map with pins.
So she waited about 4 years and further trips for your assignment.
By chance an old, framed picture came into our possession in which the scratch map almost completely fit.

For a small amount, we ordered a 0.5 mm thick, 600 x 800 mm sheet steel online. This was fixed in front of the original canvas, behind the scratch map in the frame.
Now we were able to mark out our past holiday destinations and special places with small neodymium rodmagnets and special shapes.

Different magnets for different travel destinations

Marked countries with magnets

Neodymium magnets silver and gold

In this case, the silver bar magnets stand for places where one of us has been alone, the gold larger bar magnets are common goals.
Cube or Blockmagnets are supposed to represent trips with our children.

Trip Map – self-made pinboard world map without pins

Trip Map - self-made pin board world map without pins

Another original and unique world map!
Thank you for sending me this great magnet application.