Magnetic fixation of walking aids

A magnetic fixation of walking aids guarantees a quick and safe parking.
The walking aids stay safe and do not fall over.

Put down quickly, safely and within reach

I use magnets to solve tasks faster and better where other methods fail.

Some time ago I gave up my self-employment as an engineer. My wife was in need of care. She uses two walking aids to move.
Walking aid is the generic term for all aids that are used to relieve the strain on joints and to increase mobility.

The manufacturers of the walking aids did not consider the safe and quick parking of the walking aids.
At meetings of the senior citizens‘ community, I have often seen walking aids falling over after being parked.
This situation is embarrassing and terrifying.

My wife’s sticks also fell at home.
My solution to this problem:

Magnetic fixation of walking aids

Securely parked

Detail view Magnetic fixation of walking aids

Magnetic fixation of walking aids

Two sticks are held together with two magnets on top. The spreading of the rubber feet gives the sticks a secure footing. On the back of the forearm support, a 2.5 mm hole was drilled into the stiffening rib, an M3 thread was cut and a holder for the Blockmagnet 10.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 mm N42 nickel – holds 3 kg, was attached with two screws. The bracket was made from a strip of tinplate 10 mm wide, 50 mm long and 0.1 mm thick (2 holes for the screws and bent into a U-shape). After inserting the magnets, the holder was wrapped with tape to secure it.

Individual sticks can also be easily and easily placed on any magnetic object with this magnetic lock. With us, these are attached to a key.
No magnetic object nearby? No problem; Simply glue a small sheet of metal with tape in the appropriate place.

A very practical help thanks to our products. It makes it easier to put down the walking aids and makes them readily available at all times.
Thank you for sending us your idea!