Knife block instructions

Do you also want to have a unique model in your kitchen? No problem, our employee has created detailed knife block instructions for you to make it easy to rebuild.

Working materials:

The following material and tools are required:

Knife block instructions

Part 1:

  • Saw the wooden board to the desired size.
  • Plan out any unevenness from the board and refine it with subsequent sanding work.
  • With the help of a pencil and a folding rule, mark the required drill holes for the magnets and stand.


  • Determine the required depth.
  • Work in the holes with the drill and milling cutter.

Knife block instructions

Part 2:

  • Glue the magnets into the holes provided using the epoxy 2-component adhesive.
  • Screw the stand to the desired location.
  • As a finish, apply care oil and let it dry.

Magnetic knife block

Our employee has created a unique piece here! Top!

The instructions are explained in detail again in the following video – take a look:


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