Magformer’s work of art

Today we are introducing you to a work of art made from one of our products: Magformers, complex structures and funny designs – anything is possible with this magnetic toy

My son (Matteo, 7 years old) has been building with Magformers almost every day for the past three years and has already designed many buildings.

Magformer’s work of art: castle with chapel

Side view of the castle

Rear view of the castle

Magformers work of art with stones

Used Magformers parts:

  • 93 small triangles
  • 119 squares
  • 24 large triangles
  • 4 pentagons
  • 1 hexagon
  • 5 diamonds
  • 4 trapezoids

Additional material:

  • 8 gray stones
  • 2 gray plates

Building instructions

  • At the beginning I build two tall towers, followed by a central canopy.
  • The floor and walls are built next, a roof is put on.
  • Next step is the middle main roof.
    The removed skylights are a special construction.
  • Now the bay window is getting a round roof.
  • A bridge connection to the chapel is being built.
  • The small tower was then attached  to the side with a connector.
  • Finally, I decorate the gates with small stones

Magformer's work of art: castle with chapel

Magformers magnetic construction kits:
The clever Magformers magnetic construction kits prove that magnetism is not only practical, but can also inspire the creativity of children and adults.
Use the colorful magnetic blocks from Magformers to create exciting and geometric structures in 3D. In this way, the youngsters can playfully deal with magnetism and its effects. Neodymium magnets are integrated on the edge surfaces of the plastic parts, which work like an invisible plug-in system. The Magformers construction sets are suitable for children from three years of age. The inventive spirit is stimulated and are also ideal for adults.