Attachment of the license plate to the S-Pedelec

Today we will show you that our magnets are ideal for attaching the license plate to the S-Pedelec.

I would like to be able to easily remove and reinstall the license plate on my S-Pedelec.
Unfortunately, a license plate was stolen from me once. The annual change of the license plate is also a lot easier thanks to this type of attachment.

Attachment of the license plate to the S-Pedelec

Used material

Material list:



  • 4 Ringmagnet countersink Ø 16.8 x 4.5 x 4.4 mm plastic coating – black are used.
    Corrosion protection is ensured by the plastic coating made of polypropylene.
  • The magnets are screwed onto the license plate holder using countersunk screws and nuts.
    It is best to use black screws, as these fit better with the plastic casing of the magnets.
    Since there were no black screws, I simply painted the screw heads black. The screws fit perfectly into the ring magnets.
  • In addition, you should use self-locking nuts (with a plastic ring), as these will not loosen when subjected to vibrations.


Mounting the license plate holder

Side view assembly of the license plate holder

Now the license plate can simply be attached to the magnet and just as easily removed again.

Attachment of the license plate to the S-Pedelec