Bottle cap collector

Our customer accepts an invitation to a barbecue with a unique gift; Bottle cap collector.
Bottle cap collectors, also known as beer trees, are becoming more and more popular.
In the past, we have shared a wide variety of models from own creations with you here on our blog. So also today.

Bottle cap collector

Since you don’t go to a barbecue party empty-handed, I thought about what would be suitable. When a lot of bottles are emptied, the crown caps are lying around everywhere. Then I had the idea to build a collector for these bottle caps, which is suitable for a beer garden in terms of design and also has an entertaining effect.

As ingredients I needed:

  • a tree slice
  • a crooked branch piece
  • 3 – 4 spherical magnets of different diameters
    So far I’ve used 12.5 mm to 30 mm
  • As an encore then a bottle opener

Model I

Rear view

Collector with crown cap and bottle opener

With bottle opener

  • After the woodworking, I connected the tree slice to the branch with a wood screw.
  • The branch nozzles were drilled according to the size of the magnet. (1/2 diameter of the magnet deep).
  • A wood screw was screwed fully into this hole so that the magnet has a hold.
  • The wooden surface was processed as desired. Stained, waxed or painted.

Order on request

The first orders came in on the same day. Text requests were also expressed. For example from ACDC fans.

Model II

Detail view

With bottle opener



Or unusually grown trees. The bottle openers were also procured on request if possible.

With bottle opener

Model IV

Detail view

The fun factor was great because everyone wanted to develop their own throwing technique. As a result, more was drunk.

The larger the tree trunk (branch), the larger the magnets had to be chosen. The construction itself is pretty easy and fun is pre-programmed. I can only recommend.

The crown caps shown are of course only a test. Depending on the size (magnetic force), a beautiful treetop can form.

Model V

With bottle opener

I hope that you like this idea and make it available to other hobbyists and beer garden friends on your blog.


We are enthusiastic about the bottle cap collectors and of course we are happy to share these specimens with all our customers! Thank you for this creative and original submission!