The right destination in sight

At the „Fläming-aktiv“ hands-on conference on October 26th, 2019 in Wiesenburg, the initiative „The ride-on benches of the municipality of Wiesenburg“ was founded.

At the first attempt, the places Wiesenburg, Bahnhof Wiesenburg, Reetz and Schmerwitz take part in the ride-sharing service.

What has been done so far:

  • The initiative worked out the design, construction and quotation
  • A donation application from OeLaLa in Reetz e.V. to the Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse was successful.
    The financing of 5 ridesharing stations is financially secured.
  • Approval of the local councils and the municipal administration is available.
  • Next step was building a prototype. It was set up and tested in Reetz in front of the Sensthof.
    The order has been placed. The prototype was installed in Reetz at the end of July.
  • In the next steps, the other ride-sharing stops were installed.

The right destination in sight – the ride-on benches of the municipality of Wiesenburg

Ride-sharing stop with a new sign

I used your neodymium flat bar 120 x 13 x 5 mm with hole and countersink – 35 kg for our local lift-bench initiative.

The purpose of the magnetic strip is to hold the signs (max. 5 direction pointers) of the travel destinations in position without mechanical locking.

The signs are made of 10 mm thick PVC. Those are held securely to the magnetic strip by means of a furniture screw. The effort required to loosen the magnetic connection is optimal.

The use of their magnetic strip resulted in the perfect solution!

Creating The ride-on benches of the municipality of Wiesenburg

Ride-On Signs

The right destination in sight - the ride-on benches of the municipality of Wiesenburg

A ride-on bench is a specially signposted and marked bench. It is set up in central locations and traffic axes.
People who want to reach a specific destination can take a seat on the bench and signal their destination to drivers using the permanently installed signs.
These make a contribution to environmental protection. They connect people with each other.

There are no problems under insurance law. The passengers are insured through the driver’s liability insurance. The journey goes from the bank to the agreed destination. There are no costs for the passenger.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside; there is no guarantee of a ride. The users of the ride-on benches are primarily people who are more flexible in terms of time.

In order to improve the safety of users, vehicle owners who take part in the ride-sharing service receive a ride-sharing badge that they attach to the windscreen so that they are clearly visible.
The stops are given a uniform appearance.