Floral decorations on tuxedo

A customer from Austria uses our products to attach floral decorations on tuxedos and thus also to protect the fabric.

Floral decorations on tuxedo

At the Juristenball in Vienna I am responsible for decorating the men of the opening committee with flowers.
We always fastened them with pins, but some of the young men didn’t want the lapels of their tuxedos or tails to be „damaged“ by the holes that were created.
So I came up with a solution with magnets: Blockmagnet 20.0 x 5.0 x 2.0 mm N40 epoxy – holds 1.4 kg.
I sewed two of them into a black ribbon and then simply clipped them over the lapel with the carnation in between.

The system has proven itself very well! No more damaged tuxedos!

Sewn-in magnets

Floral decorations on tuxedo

magnetic flower arrangement

As we find – a very useful application!

If you have attached the flower at an angle, you can simply move the magnets. In the case of a needle, on the other hand, this would require a new hole.

The main difference and what sets a tuxedo apart from a suit is the satin. Tuxedos are worn with a bow tie and suits with or without a tie. Tuxedos have satin lapels. Which can even be of a different shade, while suits have lapels made of the same fabric.