Dish sponge always handy!

Dish sponge always handy! … you want it to be always close, but you don’t want it lying in the sink either. It doesn’t get dry there and it doesn’t look nice.
Our customer has the perfect solution to this problem.

Dish sponge always handy!

The Problem

Cut a slot into the sponge

Insert the magnet

Magnets on the outside of the sink

Dish sponge always at hand!

Simply scratch the kitchen sponge with a knife and slide the first magnet into the slot. Stick the second magnet to the outside of the sink with double-sided adhesive tape.

Done – now the sponge is always ready to hand and dry!

The dishwashing sponge is one of the most popular dishwashing detergents and can be used in many ways. It often has two different sides. Handling the right side is essential for thorough cleaning, but also to protect sensitive surfaces.

In order to reduce the exposure to harmful germs, you should always wash the sponges well and wring them out while they are in use. The faster the sponge dries, the better.
Therefore, this invisible sponge holder comes together perfectly!

Of course, you are also free to purchase a suitable holder or storage option for the sponge. Usually, however, these take up too much space on the counter or have to be screwed on. With magnets you not only save space, you also save work.