Magnetically decorating the children’s bed

Do you want to give the cot more color without painting the expensive piece? Design the cot magnetically to your heart’s content.

Magnetically decorating the children’s bed
creative and interchangeable

Magnetically decorating the children's bed

flexible and interchangeable

A convertible bed decoration for children can be wonderfully realized with the help of self-adhesive magnetic strips. Glue the magnetic strips under the ceiling and then, depending on the decoration, wrap small magnets in the fabric and then attach them invisibly. Or you can use magnetic hooks and then let something hang down on the wall.
Light decorations such as an inflatable star or fluorescent stars and planets can be stretched across the bed using nylon thread and 2 magnetic hooks.

Has your child seen enough of the decorations? No problem! There are no holes. Thanks to the magnets it gives flexibility.

Stay flexible and adapt the decorations on the bed to the current season. Children’s eyes light up. Your child feels comfortable in his realm.

Our magnetic bars can be attached to any non-metallic surface thanks to its adhesive back. The assembly of the magnetic strips is quick and easy. To attach a strip, use the adhesive strip or the adhesive dots on the back that are included in the scope of delivery or are already on the back of the magnetic strip of your choice.

Thank you for submitting this „creative“ idea.