Sloping roof cabinet with magnetic door-holder

Our customer explains today how to build a sloping roof cabinet with magnetic door holder.

Sloping roof cabinet with magnetic door-holder

With the help of your magnets, we have implemented the construction of a Jumbo cupboard. This was built under the sloping roof without complicated hinge doors.

To do this, you need a sloping roof adapter (e.g. from Hardware store), a wooden strip, a plastic strip as a „stopper“ on the floor and the matching wooden boards or doors (here from Ikea) and of course screw-on magnets.

We took larger diameters of the magnets on the wooden strip (to be on the safe side, because the construction was 5 m long) and then slightly smaller ones on the doors. If you didn’t do that, the slot at the top would be bigger. However, this can also be an advantage if, for example, you attach an LED light strip behind it and thus have indirect lighting.

The self-made cabinet doors hold securely.

The construction can be opened and closed again very easily by pulling down the door from top to bottom.

sloping roof cabinet with magnetic door holder

Sloping ceiling cabinet

It is always difficult to make usefull use of the space under the sloping ceilings. As furniture often has to be specially made for it. These are usually very expensive and can only be implemented by experts. Our customer shows us how it can be done inexpensively but very professionally way.