Magnets on construction site

Our magnets are also used on the construction site.

A customer sent us the following application to measure tools on an excavator.

Magnets on construction site

I drive a VOLVO crawler excavator which is equipped with a 2D laser and 3D GPS control.

Each attachment (bucket) must be precisely measured over the main pivot axis at the end of the boom (length, width, the opening and closing angle). A centering hole is made on both sides in the center of the bolt.

In order to position the magnet exactly on the bolt, I turned a centering point on an M8 screw, a plumb bob is now attached to the other end of the screw and can easily measure the required points without outside help.

Used Magnet

Magnet on bolt

Detail view - Magnet on construction site

Magnet on solder

Magnets on the construction site

Magnetic Aid on Bucket

Magnets on construction site

As you can see in today’s application, our magnets are not only suitable in the household or in the garage, but also on large construction sites on large machines. Our magnets convince with their strength, attraction and durability! They are reliable and keep their promises!

Thank you for submitting your magnet application!