The light in the right place

The light in the right place always provides the necessary perspective. The workplace lamp can of course not only be used in the workshop.

An existing lamp from a well-known Swedish furniture store is equipped with a heavy metal plate.

This is unscrewed and replaced by a turned wooden foot that is exactly the same size. It has three Neodymium pot magnet Ø 20.0 x 7.0 mm with cylinder bore holds 6 kg embedded on its underside.

The lamp adheres to all iron-containing tools such as (here) scroll saw or to the lathe (no photo).

If I need the lamp in a place where no metal is available (workbench), the heavy metal plate of the original is simply put back under it. Wood alone is too light, the lamp would tip over.

The light in the right place

Perfect lighting was created from a simple lamp! A very practical and handy application that provides the right light in the workshop. No more poor light and stressed eyes.


Thank you to our customer for sharing his magnet application with us! We like it!