Magnetic key rack – Cherrywood

A magnetic key rack has become something classic, especially when it is made of cherrywood. Today’s application is a special eye-catcher that we don’t want to withhold from you!

Magnetic key rack – Cherrywood

All keys in their place

Magnetic key rack

Easy Instructions

Take a not too thin wooden board with a nice grain – here it is cherry, in the sapwood there are still the wood worm tunnels – as well as a handful of 16 mm Neodymium pot magnet Ø 16.0 x 5.0 mm with cylinder bore holds 2.3 kg.

Set the exact depth on the drill stand. Now you insert the magnets and attach your keys to it. Also Hook magnets Ø 16 mm NEODYMIUM – zinc – holds 6 kg or Eyelet magnet Ø 16 mm NEODYMIUM – zinc – holds 6 kg are suitable for this keyboard. You can just attach a snaphook or a carabiner to them.

The key rack does not only come very handy but also makes a great appearance in the hallway. Custom made and unique! All keys hang neatly and clearly on their designated place. No more tedious and long searches for keys!