Children learn to use magnets

The fact that our magnets can be used excellently to bring important things closer to children is proven by the use of the Raben group in the KITA Werl, the children learn how to use magnets.

First of all for all imitators: Please do not use neodymium magnets for this! Because of the high forces, it is very easy for children to injure themselves.
Ferrite magnets are therefore used in the application.

Children learn to use magnets

Dear Magnet Shop Team,

Participation is the big topic of the group of ravens (16 children in different age groups) of the Kiebitzweg day care center in the Werl Nord family center this calendar year.
The children learn to participate in decision-making, to make decisions and to endure them. Our calendar should help you with this.

Every morning we discuss the actions for the day in the morning session. The children learn the names of the months, days of the week and the date on the side.
Pictograms symbolize the individual activities. These are hung up by the children on the respective day. With the help of their own symbol, the children mark their participation in the activities.

For us the question arose how we should attach the signs and pictograms to the boards. It had to be a flexible material, meet safety requirements and be robust.

Laminated images were attached to the magnet with double-sided adhesive tape and swept back and forth in a test run.
The strong adhesive force of the discmagnets Ø 25.0 x 3.0 mm Y35 ferrite – holds 750 g, and the symbols have convinced us!

The pictures stick during the week so that each child can look at their decision. At the end of the week, a child takes a photo with which we document our calendar in a photo book.

For us, the magnets are a good solution to securely attach materials.

Magnets used

Children learn to use magnets

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