Magnetic elimination of bottle chaos in the shower

You want to shower, but you can hardly go into the shower because of all the bottles, but now you can magnetically eliminate the bottle chaos in the shower.

Order in the shower in next to no time

In order to remove the chaos of bottles standing on the floor in the shower consisting of shower bath, shampoo, conditioner, I ordered Ringmagnet Ø 10.0 x 4.0 x 5.0 mm N42 Gold – holds 2.2 kg from you, pulled a hair tie through and then pulled the tie over the bottles.

Detail view

Ringmagnet and hair tie

magnetically attached bottle

Magnetic elimination of bottle chaos in the shower

Magnetic elimination of bottle chaos in the shower

I was able to hang it up on the wall radiator, there is nothing left on the floor.

They are available in all colors, models and materials. Made of plastic or metal. For screwing on, with suction cups and for gluing. The shower organizers and storage aids from the Store are not always the right thing, despite the diverse selection. They slip off, the coating comes off, they rust, and annoying holes have to be drilled. Or they simply don’t offer enough space for all the bottles. In order to avoid having to purchase several organizers, there is a remedy with our products.
With our magnets you can create your own customized organizer.

Many thanks to our customers for submitting this useful magnet application.