Fastening of block magnets using cable ducts

Our customer has made a fastening of block magnets using cable ducts. No, no words are swapped in the previous sentence – it is actually like that 🙂

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Fastening of block magnets using cable ducts

Now that I have placed some orders with you, I have now found a good and easy-to-implement solution for attaching blockmagnets.
In my case it was about that 2 opposing garbage can doors attract each other with a distance of approx. 2 cm and thus hold them magnetically.

Previous attempts with different magnets to screw on or magnet systems failed because the magnetic force was too weak. Pot magnets don’t attract flush and the diameter would have been too big in my case.

I used a cable duct from Reehau 35 x 25 mm with the inside dimensions of the size of the blockmagnet 30.0 x 30.0 x 15.0 mm N45 nickel – holds 32 kg.
The magnet was simply pushed into the channel. This holds by clamping. On the underside of the channel I drilled holes at the appropriate distance for fastening with screws.
I saw an advantage of fastening with the cable duct in the ease of processing without damaging the magnets.

This mounting option can be transferred to some of the other sizes offered by you.

This then opens up many other possible applications in which the compact rectangular magnets can be used. Regardless of whether there is a sheet steel or a second magnet opposite.
Cable ducts can now be obtained very cheaply in every hardware store (2 to 8 EUR / 2 m), which can be compared with the respective internal dimensions.