Loading space expansion

Our customer has built a suitable cargo space extension for his caddy with the help of our magnets.

Loading space expansion

Vehicles with a larger cargo space can be heavily loaded with heavy objects, e.g. boxes. They stand firmly on the felt, but are difficult to push or can even destroy it.
I remedied myself with a 9 mm or 12 mm screen printing plate. This is waterproof and has a smooth surface.
The plate itself is held in position on the floor of the cargo space by means of holes. These engage in the locking mushrooms of the rear seat attachment (on my long axle with a third rear seat that can be equipped).
Lightly loaded transport goods slide back and forth easily and uncontrollably on the plate.

Base plate and box wall

Base plate

Magnetic expansion

Objective: Two self-made boxes (even equipped with light gliders on the bottom of the box for better movement) are to be fixed.

Used material:

Loading space expansion squared timber and magnets

Detail view of magnets and metal discs

Easy build up

  • As the pictures show, the pieces of wood are placed directly on the edge of the box. The locking pins form the actual hold of the delimitation by engaging in corresponding holes in the base plate.
    Constantly hitting the box while driving would knock these holes out in a short time and push the wood away. With the addition of magnets, this remains firmly anchored.
    Even if the pins are pushed slightly out of the holes by hard movements, the magnets immediately bring the wood back into position with the next countermovement.
    Due to the pins, the magnets are not loaded in shear, but only in tension. The number of magnets ensures a hold over the entire width of the squared timber, even if it is not entirely free of distortion.
  • The recessed metal discs (with a Forstner drill) in the base plate are not an obstacle for loads lying flat.
    If you remove the wood with the magnets when not in use, the base plate remains safe for objects that are „magnetically endangered“ such as purses with an EC card or similar.


If you think further, several pieces of wood equipped in this way with a predetermined grid of holes in the base plate, can form variable fields. So even one or more folding boxes can be fixe. Iif necessary the entire, smooth surface is available.