Magnetic tables for football and Co.

Our customer shows us how he uses our articles to create magnetic tables for football and Co.

Magnetic tables for football and Co.

I used:
For the chipboard, Self-adhesive metal tape, white, width 35 mm, sold by the meter.
For the signs, the Magnetic tape self-adhesive on one side – 30.0 x 1.5 mm with TESA 4965.
Chipboard made of 66 cm x 42 cm x 19 mm, coated, with ABS edge.

Magnetic tape on the back

Club logos

Instructions for magnetic tables for club houses, offices, hobby rooms, club bars

I cut the magnetic tape to the required length and glued it to the back of the cards with the club logos.
A metallic counterpart was glued to the colored clamping plate under the numbers with the placements.
The card with the club logo sticks to the metallic counterpart and hides the white front of the metal band.



Magnetic tables for soccer

The metal band is flexible. With the help of magnets, you can easily attach pictures, postcards, notes, children’s drawings, posters, business cards, etc.
The tape is equipped with a self-adhesive padding foam on the back. No holes are necessary for the attachment!
It can be glued around corners without any problems. It holds up on rough walls. Remove the protective film. Now and stick the tape on the desired area.
You are also welcome to cut the tape to a length of your choice yourself. You only need conventional household scissors for this.

We like to thank our customer for submitting his great and manageable magnetic idea!