Kitchen shelf knife holder

Today’s application shows how a kitchen shelf can be turned into an invisible knife holder.

Kitchen shelf knife holder

It always bothered me that my good knives on such magnetic steel knife holders got dull and scratchy. Since I keep my board right above the kitchen counter, I thought to myself, why not just let the knives stick to the shelf ?!
Said and done:

  • Mark the desired amount.
    I used 10 blockmagnets 20.0 x 20.0 x 10.0 mm N42 nickel – holds 14.2 kg.
    The distance between the knives should be at least 3cm. This makes it easier to grip the knife. At the same time it prevents the magnetic attraction of the knife next to it.
  • Drill holes in the wood with an 8 mm bit.
  • File the holes square.
    The wood on the visible side must be filed thin enough for the knives to stick through the magnets.
    (Steps 2 and 3 can be made easier by using a router.)
  • Glue in magnets into the shelf.
  • attach the processed magnetic board to the existing shelf.

Knife holders or knife blocks are very often built by our customers, here you will find some inspiration. We also offer knife blocks in our shop. You can find detailed building instructions for your own model here.

There are no limits to the creation of a knife holder! Design and build your own individual model too!