Transport figures in model making safely thanks to magnets

Our magnet application today shows how you can use magnets to transport figures in model making safely without damaging them.

Transport figures in model making safely thanks to magnets


Dear Magnet-Shop team,

I bought a small amount of neodymium magnets from you and recently had the opportunity to install them.
I am thrilled with how well I was able to move my carrying case with your magnets.
The magnets can be glued precisely, are identical in size and have a remarkable power.

I come from the field of model making and tabletop. A major focus of this hobby is to design and paint figures and bring them to joint meetings.
Most of the time, such models can be conveniently transported in foam.

Some figures differ in dimensions. Fine and protruding links also cause problems during transport. The models that fit into the gaps are also exposed to vibrations.
Damage could be caused.

A simple case from the hardware store, which I covered with iron plates and equipped with iron carrying surfaces in the interior, provided a remedy for me.
The magnets can be easily processed with superglue and fit precisely under the standing surfaces of the figures. In this way, I was able to make dozens of models transportable in a short time.

The strength of the magnets is sufficient. It prevents the figures from moving. When loading and unloading the stand areas, they no longer overturn.

I am very happy with the result and will be shopping with you again in the future.