Blu-ray cover presented magnetically

The cover of his enormous collection of Blu-Ray covers is presented here magnetically.

Hello Magnetshop team,
After my collection of Blu-ray films had reached a certain size, I started to think about how to present the many beautifully designed covers in a sensible way, since normal storage on the shelf became a bit too boring and confusing.
Some ideas, such as building a shelf similar to a video store or attaching metal strips to the wall and working on the films with magnets, did not bring the desired suitability for living spaces.

Blu-ray cover presented magnetically

The solution: magnetic paint!
I don’t think I need to explain a lot about the procedure, the pictures speak for themselves.

It is important to ensure that only a sufficiently thick layer of the paint is applied. For me it was about 4-5 coats until the covers with 3-4 of the self-adhesive, very flat blockmagnets that are available in the shop adhere firmly to the wall and certainly do not slip off. Even after a few weeks nothing has shifted. The handling with removing and attaching is very easy. Very nice!

Adhering the cover

Blu-ray collection

Magnetically present Blu-Ray cover

The reactions of the visitors also speak for themselves. Everyone is thrilled! At first I thought that the large area looked a little too „powerful“, but that’s not the case. Everything fits in well with the overall picture and it just couldn’t be clearer.

Now I am glad I did it and I wish all possible imitators a lot of fun with the idea!