Beer caps

Our customer has created a unique presentation wall for his beer caps from wood, a CNC milling machine and magnets.

Beer caps

Hello Magnet Shop Team! Thank you for the fast delivery of 460 discmagnet Ø 10.0 x 7.0 mm Y35 ferrite – holds 350 g.

A friend of mine needed a presentation wall for his niece and her bottle cap collection. (Bierkapp`l)
I got a strong sheet of plywood and machined it with the CNC router.
There is space for 450 magnets on the board.  Crown corks can be easily placed thanks to the milled-out openings, similar to the neck of a bottle.
Magnets are simply pressed into the cutouts. The board was impregnated with wood oil.

Beer caps


Milling the holes


Completion of the lettering

Cut out the holes

Cut out the holes II

Milling the holes for magnets

Detail holes for magnets

Holes for magnets

Raw board

Preview board

Magnets used

Inserting the magnets

Inserting the magnets

Beer caps

There are many options for upcycling crown corks. Jewelery, decoration, picture frames but also beer trees are made from it.
In some countries, bottle caps are used, among other things, as game pieces in checkers. Crown corks can be used for mills or other games in which two different colored game pieces are in use.
Germany has various charitable collection campaigns for crown corks. These are sold and the proceeds are donated to charitable organizations. Anglers use bottle caps to scale the fish. With the smooth surface attached to a piece of wood, the crown cap offers the perfect grip.