Waterproof magnets for balcony protection

Today we will show you how you can use waterproof magnets for balcony protection.

Waterproof magnets for balcony protection

Hello Magnet Shop,

the balconies of our apartment building have new wrought iron railings. The goal was; to attach a uniform privacy screen that does not interfere with the look and is easy to clean.

Solution: with which everyone is satisfied, consists of translucent acrylic glass, which is simply pressed onto the railing with magnets.
The magnets must be weatherproof. A large number of the following magnets were then used: Neodymium magnet 25.4 x 12.7 x 6.3 mm with plastic coating- black – 3.8 kg
For a total of 6 balconies!

Magnets used

Waterproof magnets for balcony protection

Privacy screen

Balcony protection

Waterproof magnets with high adhesive force thanks to neodymium

All neodymium magnets are completely covered with plastic. They have a robust coating and have the following advantages:

  • Magnets can be used in water or damp environments without any problems.
  • They are completely enclosed by a PP coating.
  • Sensitive surfaces are protected by the plastic coating. These magnets can also be used on whiteboards or magnetic glass boards.
  • They leave no scratches.
  • The cast magnet is nickel-plated.
  • Its magnetization quality is N42
  • The magnets are suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 80 ° C.
  • Our waterproof magnets are rustproof thanks to the plastic coating.

Thanks to our customer for submitting his magnetic idea.
We are happy to share it on our blog!