Unique knife bar made of wild cherry

I built a knife strip for the kitchen from local wild cherries. Dimensions: 55 cm wide, 10 cm high.

Unique knife bar made of wild cherry

After the storm in March 2016, I sawed off the branch from a fallen wild cherry in the forest around the corner from us and then left it to dry in our apartment for about 3/4 year.
The branch was about 10-12 cm in diameter.

Processing to the knife strip

With the table saw I saw out a „slice“ from 2.6 to 2.7 cm. My goal was to preserve the tree bark.

At the two ends a piece was beveled for a prettier look. I sanded it carefully so that as little of the bark falls off as possible.

Then I used a fixed wood drill bit and a round drill bit 2.3 cm in diameter to drill 2 rows with 19 holes each with a tight spacing. The depth is 2.1 cm.
A residual wood thickness of approx. 0.5 cm remains.

You shouldn’t do this by hand, because you don’t have the feeling that exactly 0.5 cm stop!
How far I had to drill into it, I tested in advance on scraps of wood, from when the magnets I had bought would „attract“.

Then I milled recesses for the brackets. In this case 2 old window closures from old GDR windows :-).
But there are also other suitable „invisible“ furniture suspensions in the hardware store, which in principle work in the same way.


My magnets, discmagnets Ø 22.0 x 8.0 mm N42 nickel – holds 11.5 kg, I then pressed them into the holes.
They hold without additional glue…. if the holes are a bit too big, it is advisable to fix some hot glue in the holes beforehand.


In retrospect, the pulling force of the magnets was so strong that I only filled every 2 holes. It would even be possible with just one row, as the magnets are very strong and the knives stick extremely well!

I then attached the whole thing to the wall with 2 screws. Because they sit very close to the wall and the bar could only be pushed on with a little pressure, it now sits firmly and does not wobble.