Magnetic holder for dolls

Our customer built a magnetic holder with our magnets so that the little dolls stay tidy.

Dear Magnet Shop Team,

I bought ferrite discmagnets from you and they helped me a lot to keep my dolls clean and tidy.
I’ll show you how:

Using the magnets

I slipped a discmagnet into the clothes on the back of the doll. The clothes were sewn. I made a stick out of model plastic and wood. This is also equipped with a discmagnet.

Used magnet

Sewn magnet

Magnetic holder

Magnetic stick


magnetic attraction

Magnetic holder for dolls

Ferrite magnets: Inexpensive and very robust

Ferrite magnets are the cheapest magnets for simple applications. Compared to neodymium magnets, they are significantly weaker. They can withstand temperatures of up to 250 ° C. In addition, these are rust-resistant. They are suitable for outdoor use.
You will find a large number of different sizes in our range. Our hard ferrite magnets are ceramic materials. They are very hard and brittle. The areas of application cover a wide range of possibilities.
You can find ferrite magnets on fridge magnets. They are also often used as school magnets or handicraft magnets. These magnets are all-round helpers.
All ferrite magnets from our shop are axially magnetized. You will find a well-stocked selection of practical, inexpensive and handy ferrite discs in our range.