Acoustic elements attached magnetically

Acoustic elements attached magnetically in the recording studio.

Magnetic remedy

During the acoustic expansion of a recording studio with control room and recording room, broadband absorber elements had to be fixed under the ceiling.
Acoustic foam panels are glued into the ceiling.
This has several disadvantages: On the one hand, the plates are firmly fixed and cannot be flexibly removed or modified. On the other hand, the foam in its delivered form is not really attractive and homely.
Studio rooms should be visually attractive and inspiring.
The absorber elements with a size of 100 x 50 cm were self-built, with an acoustically effective Basotect board of 100 x 50 x 10 cm, a rear wall made of birch plywood 4 mm and acoustic covering material.


Detail view of magnets

Neodymium magnets and counterparts

Zinc discs as a counterpart

For screwing to the ceiling

Attachment of magnets

The ceiling was fixed with the help of a magnetic construction, which was easy to implement and works perfectly.
Neodymium pot magnets Ø 16.0 x 5.0 mm with countersink holds 5 kg, as well as matching counterparts metal disc Ø 16 mm with hole and countersink nickel, both from the offer.
Here you can use 1 to 4 discs.

Acoustic elements attached magnetically

Mark the magnet position

Ceiling absorber in the recording room

After marking the magnet position on the birch plywood board, the panes were screwed to the ceiling.
In this case it was not a problem. The ceiling is already clad with a wooden structure. You can get by without dowels or other complicated constructions.
The flat grippers were attached to the back of the elements with simple Spax screws.
To be on the safe side, 4 times 2 magnets were attached to each element. This has the following advantage: any unevenness in the panels and ceiling are evened out.

invisible fastening

Acoustic elements attached magnetically

Now the element must be carefully guided to the counterparts from below. Discs and magnets match exactly. The element is held firmly and sits absolutely firmly and securely.