Magnetic fastening of a blind on a balcony

A perfect solution to attach a blind on the balcony without drilling is to fix it magnetically.

Magnetic fastening of a blind on a balcony

For a long time I thought about how I could protect my neighbors and vice versa.
Actually, I wanted to use a fan blind. Unfortunately that was not possible. Drilling outside is prohibited in the rental agreement. The insulation must not be damaged.
The magnetic variant was the solution.
I bought a bamboo blind, cut it to the right size and attached it to my balcony with the help of the magnets.

I work in a large fashion house. Here we use your magnets.
For safety reasons and to use the blind, please use an eyelet magnet Ø 25 mm NEODYMIUM – zinc – holds 22 kg.
Please note the size and length of the blind!
I attached the magnets to the suspension of the blind with a key ring.
It took me less than half an hour for the complete assembly and suspension.
It took me the longest time to shorten the blind.

I wish you a lot of fun with the design and joy in the newly created feel-good area!


Function of the neodymium pot magnets with steel pot and screwed-in eyelets:
A strong neodymium magnet is embedded in a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage and increases the adhesive force.
In order to be able to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the flat gripper must lie directly on the metallic substrate. A thin sheet of iron or a coating can very quickly reduce the adhesive force.