Magnetically fasten the radio with the motion detector

In our application today, our customer shows us how he could magnetically attach his radio with a motion detector.

magnetically attached

Hello Magnet Shop Team!
Thank you for your delivery of the ringmagnets with countersink.
For a long time I had thought about how to put my radio with motion detector back on the ceiling in the bathroom. In order to be able to charge the batteries, the fastening must be removable again. Unfortunately, one bracket had already broken off.

A radio with a motion detector should be positioned fairly precisely, otherwise the motion detector will not detect the correct area.
I came across magnets and your side. I ordered 3 magnets. The possibility of screwing these on is perfect. Thanks to the strength, only one magnet was needed. My radio stops again.


Magnets with a hole and a countersink for screwing on have one or two holes with a countersink so that the block magnets can be screwed on using countersunk head screws. Thanks to the flat design, the magnets hardly appear. They have good adhesive strength. The magnets are magnetized by their height (axial magnetization).
There are of course a large number of possible uses for this type of magnet. For trade fair and shop fitting or kitchen or furniture construction.
You can also use it to attach signs, tools and metallic objects in a bombproof manner.