Magnetic knife holder – cherry wood

Our customer has made a unique present for his father for his birthday: Magnetic knife holder made of cherry wood – a unique gift.

Magnetic knife holder made of cherry wood

For this I got myself 3 planks. These were dressed by the carpenter and cut into 20 mm strips.
The waste was quite large. However, it was sufficient to produce two panels of the required dimensions.
After the rough cut, the miter was cut for the stand and the positions for the magnets were drawn in.

Raw cherry wood

Moldings, sawn

Miter for the stand


The holes for the magnets are so deep that only 3 mm of wood remained. I could no longer drill the middle holes with the drill stand because its overhang is too small. That’s why the cordless screwdriver was used.
I used 37 discmagnets Ø 15.0 x 5.0 mm N40 nickel – holds 4.8 kg, which were glued in with assembly adhesive.

Holes for Magnets

Then the front and back were glued together.
I used a leftover piece of cabinet back wall to mill the radius. Here I screwed a piece of 20 mm round rod onto it so that it fit into the bank holes. Fortunately, there was a hole at the correct distance from the cutter.


Stand foot

After that I just had to glue, sand and oil the foot. For oiling I used Clou hard oil and applied about 7 layers.

Side view

Rear view

Magnetic knife holder made of cherry wood