Knives in the kitchen

Do you want to sore your knives tidy and safe in the kitchen? Today show you how to do it.

Knives in the kitchen

Everyone knows the elongated knife headers. These do not offer much leeway with regard to the flexible division of the knives.

Another possibility are our ringmagnets with countersink, which can be screwed flush to the wall.
Self-adhesive rubber discs were glued to the magnets to protect the knives from scratches. The washers cover the fastening screw.

For the storage of high-quality and sharp blades, you should only use magnetic knife holders with punctiform support. Here the blade is not pulled over unnecessary edges by knife blocks.
Even magnetic wooden strips come into contact with the blade when it is put on and taken off.

Ringmagnets and rubber discs

Knives in the kitchen

punctually and neatly

Our self-adhesive rubber caps / rubber discs/ rubber sheets offer protection for sensitive surfaces. The rubber discs and plates can be stuck to magnets simply by peeling off the protective film. After slipping over the rubber lip, our rubber caps made of black rubber hold on to the adhesive side of the pot magnets, hook magnets and eyelet magnets.

The magnets for screwing have a counterbore hole so that the ring magnets can be screwed on with countersunk screws. The magnets are magnetized by their height (axial magnetization).
There are of course a large number of possible uses for this type of magnet. For trade fair and shop fitting and kitchen or furniture construction. You can also use it to attach signs, tools and metallic objects in a bombproof manner.