Magnetically gather curtains

Our customer wanted to gather curtains without drilling or gluing, she succeeded magnetically.

Magnetically gather curtains

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

I would like to present my application to everyone, because I find your magnet blog very helpful and super interesting, maybe my application can help other customers!
My idea: gather curtains without drilling or gluing – but magnetically.
I had the problem that I couldn’t get my curtains up. It should have been drilled or glued into the wall to attach hooks.
Of course, I wanted to avoid this effort.
I also wanted to gather the curtains differently and the ingenious solution was your neodymium magnets!

Sewn-in magnet

Detail view of sewn-in magnet

Then I sewed a round discmagnet into each of the shirring bands. Sewing in is very quick and it is very easy!


Curtains gathered

With these ruffles I can now gather my curtains in different ways:

Magnetically gather curtains

When the curtains are closed in the evening, I hang the ribbons on top of the curtain rod!

Although the cotton fabric is quite thick (4 layers), the magnets hold great, even though they are quite small. In addition, they are not noticed at all.
I’ve never been so flexible when it comes to designing my curtains! Every visitor is enthusiastic about the idea and are amazed that there are such small, but very, very strong magnets. I then always refer to your online shop.
The best thing about these magnetic solutions? NO more ugly hooks or glue residue on the wall!