Notebook holder for stylus

Searching for a suitable storage option is made easier with the appropriate notebook holder for stylus.

Notebook holder for stylus

Hello Magnet-Shop Team,

attached a few pictures of my magnetic pen holder for my VAIO convertible laptop.
Unfortunately, the laptop does not offer the option of accommodating the corresponding input pen on or in the housing of the laptop as standard.
That’s why I attached 2 strong blockmagnets inside the laptop with double-sided adhesive tape in a small space in the case.
There is a battery inside the pen. I can magnetically attach the stylus to the casing of my laptop. The bracket is not visible from the outside.

Used magnets

Detail view

Notebook holder for stylus

From the outside, the pen holds the case wonderfully and with a pleasant pulling force. Removing the stylus can be easily and it does not fall off. Fits perfectly under the protrusion of the case. It only covers the SD card slot and the headphone input / output.

Now the annoying search for a suitable storage option is over. Thank you for this idea!

For most of our block magnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces. Like our neodymium disc magnets, these cuboids also fall into the category of “super magnets made of neodymium”.
Magnets made from the raw material neodymium-iron-boron are called super magnets. Compared to conventional magnets, super magnets made of neodymium have a significantly higher adhesive force. You can hold a much larger weight.