Magnetically attach the tablecloth to the table

Magnetically attach the tablecloth to the table to hold it in place in the event of a gust of wind.

Magnetically attach the tablecloth to the table

Here is an example of an ingenious application outdoors:

Hello Magnet Shop Team
I recently bought countersunk ring magnets from you to create a fixture for tablecloths on my patio table.
The table has a heavy steel frame with a post-industrial design. The cute tablecloth holders that are available everywhere did not fit.

  • Steel screws (24 mm) cut off head
  • painted
  • Drill 20 mm indentations into the table top and insert the ring magnets
  • fasten with a countersunk screw

Screw heads

Cutting off the heads

Hole for magnets

Ringmagnets screwed on

And the tablecloth holders are ready!

Tablecloth attached to the table magnetically

Magnets with hole and countersink for screwing on
The magnets have a counterbore hole so that they can be screwed on using countersunk head screws. They have good adhesive strength. They are magnetized by their height (axial magnetization).
There are of course a large number of possible uses for this type of magnet. In trade fair and shop construction or in kitchen or furniture construction. You can also use it to attach signs, tools and metallic objects in a bombproof manner.
The round pot magnets made of neodymium with a countersunk hole are also very often used, the metal pot of which protects the built-in neodymium magnet from damage.