Material-friendly fastening for a jersey

For his jersey, our customer wanted a method of material-friendly fastening that was gentle on the material.
When a pre-purchased product does not work as expected, it is always very annoying.
The following application is an example of this and this great idea is presented by our customer.

Innovative attachment option

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

I bought a jersey frame and the jersey was supposed to be fixed on a foam board with pins, but the pins do not hold.
For this reason I bought discmagnets from you. These are with metal discs on the other side of the non-magnetic foam board that hold the jersey.



Metall Discs

Material-friendly fastening for a jersey

Over time, I will observe whether the size ordered is sufficient and the jersey does not slowly slide down due to gravity.
If the jersey does slide further down, I have to replace the foam board with a painted steel sheet in order to get a stronger magnetic connection. I hope you find my application interesting and innovative!

Metal discs with hole and countersink as a counterpart to magnets

Have you often been annoyed in the past that you could not attach certain magnetic elements to walls and ceilings? Use round metal discs with a central hole and countersink. A countersunk head screw is required for attachment.
The installation is quite simple, as you only have to screw the metal discs to non-magnetic surfaces with a countersunk screw. The magnets then adhere to these discs, whereby the latter are not magnets directly. You should definitely keep this in mind. The function of these small and so useful discs is simply to act as a point of attraction for magnetic objects. For this reason, you can also screw the metal discs onto surfaces that are non-magnetic.