Flexible table lamp

Our customer created a wonderful flexible magnetic table lamp from a simple one! The optimal accompaniment in the workshop.

Hello Magnet Shop Team,

I built a magnetic base light for my band saw from your neodymium pot magnets.
A simple Jansjö LED table lamp and three neodymium pot magnets with internal threads were used.

Flexible table lamp

Construction lamp and magnets

magnetic attraction

Magnetic base

Flexible table lamp

The base plate is made of V2A non-magnetic. The work light also holds great in the vertical position! This application is very diverse! The magnetic base light can of course be used anywhere as lighting.

How the neodymium pot magnets with steel pot work:
Our strong NdFeB magnets are installed in a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage and increases the adhesive force. In order to be able to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the pot magnet must lie directly on the metallic substrate. A thin sheet of iron or a coating can very quickly reduce the adhesive force.
These magnets have a central hole with a continuous metric thread. These can be screwed on quickly with screws. The maximum operating temperature is 80 ° C.
Its magnetic force depends on the material of the magnetic core. The weakest variant is ferrite. It is robust and can also be used outdoors. Neodymium magnets and SmCo magnets are considered high-energy magnets.
Both variants are alloys with rare earths.