Magnetic board in the kitchen

After a long search and consideration, our customer has attached a magnetic board in the kitchen with our products.

Magnetic board in the kitchen

Hello Magnet-Shop Team,
we recently moved. In the new kitchen there was an ugly tile mirror (10 x 10 cm tiles). This also had a linoleum covering.
We wanted to attach a magnetic board from Homapal as a tile mirror. Recipes or notes can be attached. This adhesive plate can be written on with a board marker.
We had a 25 cm decor (in the same color as the worktop) planned.
Ugly tiles and linoleum flooring will disappear!

About the project:

  • Cut small square holes in the linoleum
  • Drill a hole in the joint
  • Insert dowels and screw on blockmagnet with countersink
    Caution – do not overtighten the screw! Damage could occur!
  • Attach the magnetic board to the magnets
  • Seal the corners and ends of the magnetic board with silicone


Kitchen wall

Blockmagnets on the wall

Magnetic plate in the kitchen

These magnets have one or two countersunk holes. You can attach the block magnets using countersunk screws. The magnets are very flat. They are hardly bulky. They have good adhesive strength. The magnets are magnetized by their height (axial magnetization).
There are of course a large number of possible uses for this type of magnet. These magnets are used in trade fair and shop fitting. Also in kitchen or furniture construction. You can also use it to attach signs, tools and metallic objects.