Elegant floating

Present high-quality knives in an elegant and stylish way by floating in the kitchen.
Fortunately, the support of creative customers can create an impressive knife presentation with the simplest of tricks!

Stylish presentation: Elegant floating

Dear Magnet Shop Team,

I am happy to describe how I used the rodmagnets I ordered from you:
I wanted to present some fine and high quality knives. No hooks or fastenings should be seen. They should „float elegantly“ in front of the surface.
I used a 16 mm thick wooden board. I drilled holes at the necessary intervals. The magnets are carefully tapped in with the rubber mallet.
The knives hold perfectly! They don’t slip off.

Materials used

Rodmagnets on a wooden board

Knife on board

Elegant floating

I am already planning a few other things that I love to use magnets again to solve.

We are happy about this elegant idea! Thanks very much!

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