Colored memo magnets in the after-school care center

Our colored memo magnets in the after-school care center show which group your child is in during pick-up times.

A glance at the magnetic information board gives you an overview that is always up-to-date.

Colored memo magnets in the after-school care center

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to briefly document what we have created in our facility with the help of your memo magnets.
We have designed an information board in our after-school care facility to make it easier for parents and other persons who are authorized to collect a child to find it in the house.
The magnets were given the names of the children.

We run an “open house” in the afternoon. The children are in different rooms. So that the child’s whereabouts are visible to everyone, they move their magnet into the appropriate column (for example: gym).
Each class has a different color, which makes orientation easier.

Magnetic information board

Location at pick-up time

When a child is picked up, they put their magnet back into the field labeled with their class (1a, 2b …). The children and parents can use pictures to see which teacher is in which room.

Our information board has been very well received by parents, children and educators and helps to improve the structure in the house.

Colored memo magnets in the after-school care center

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