Securely fixed pavilion roof

The pavilion roof is securely fixed against wind and weather with the help of our products.

We have a terrace on the 1st floor of our house. There is a pavilion on this terrace. We sometimes have strong winds. We fixed the roof with ringmagnets.
The purpose of the magnets is to tighten the fabric and hold it down. Especially in storms and rain. So far, when it rains, large water hollows have sometimes formed in front of the transverse rods.

Securely fixed pavilion roof

Detail - ring magnets on fabric and frame

Ring magnets on fabric and frame

Pavilion roof and magnets

Securely fixed pavilion roof

The ring magnets are now attached and serve their purpose! I was able to test this here yesterday in our heavy rain.

Tip from magnets4you: With magnets made of neodymium you achieve a higher adhesive force and can stretch the fabric even more tightly.

With the different neodymium ringmagnets from the Magnet-Shop range, you get powerful permanent magnets that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The specific shapes allow you a wide range of uses. All kinds of fixings, creative design and decoration. Neodymium ringmagnets can be used in schools or universities as the subject of exciting magnetism experiments. They are available with different coatings such as gold or nickel.
We offer you a selection of axially magnetized neodymium ringmagnets (magnetic poles on the two opposite circular surfaces) or diametrically magnetized ringmagnets (magnetization left and right parallel to the diameter).