Magnetic shutter of a pinhole camera

Our customer shows us today how a magnetic shutter of a pinhole camera was created from two small magnets.

Aperture shutter of a pinhole camera

With a pinhole camera, it is important that the shutter of a screen (= entry hole for the light) can be guided completely free from the housing and back there. This is very important. The film must be in the correct position. With this shutter implemented here, a ringmagnet is used on the inside and a discmagnet on the outside.

Aperture shutter

Use of magnets in the lock

Pinhole camera

It’s rustproof aluminum aperture itself is not magnetic. The ring magnet is inside. The disc magnet was worked into the purple cover cap. This results in an optimal attraction and holding force when guiding the cap back and forth. It just makes a quiet „clack“; And lasts great!

Camera open

Magnetic shutter of a pinhole camera

You will be amazed at the magnetic force of the neodymium magnets. These are small power magnets due to the neodymium-iron-boron used.
Most of our neodymium disc magnets have the magnetic poles on the two opposite circular surfaces (axial magnetization). Some magnetic disks are magnetized diametrically.

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